Last week channel 10 released for just a day the first episode of The Wrong Girl.

The Wrong Girl is an adaptation of the Zoe Foster Blake book of the same title.

It follows Lily Woodward played by Jessica Marais an aspiring documentary maker who has found herself in the fickle world of producing breakfast television (Bridget Jones anyone).

I already liked this show before it began simply because of three little words attached to this project ZOE FOSTER BLAKE.

She is fun, witty and relatable plus have you seen her cat pics on Instagram?!

So naturally for me it was a winner.

We have had Carrie Bradshaw, Nina Proudman and Hannah Horvath and I was so looking forward to Lily Woodward.

We were first introduced to Lily and Melbourne as she ran clumsily and frantically for the train we later learn she had accidently hit send on an email that you should only send via thought process to her boss.

We also were introduced to the standard sweet cute male best friend played by Ian Meadows who will obvs become apart of a long standing and sometimes frustratingly long love triangle.

After years of friendship and keeping it in their pants we see them give into temptation and they get it on, aww how nice she has found the one he was right under her nose all along.



It’s only the first episode so true to form Lily causes a pointless drawn out fight.

This is where the writers decide to add some ding to this love triangle cue celebrity chef Jack, played by Rob Collins.

We also briefly meet Lily’s dysfunctional but adorable family but my favourite part (literally) was Lily’s flatmate Simone played Hayley Magnus.

Watching all these elements come together should make for the perfect show maybe I should have watched it two vinos in but there was something that didn’t quite cut it for me.

I wanted so badly to like this show as Tara banks famously said:

I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you!

Come to think of it that doesn’t translate very well here in Australia.

It is early days, I think for me it may have been a casting issue unlike leading ladies in the past like Carrie bradshaw or the very flawed Hannah Horvath I’m finding the very refined Jessica Maralis hard to believe as the clumsy down on her luck Lily Woodward.

Even when she messed up her hair she looked perfect!

So Zoe if you are reading this I’m so sorry I will give it a second chance but can I suggest a cameo from Meow Bert just as an extra incentive to watch?


Don’t just take my word for it you can watch tonight at 8.37 on channel 10.

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