Carries Bradshaw is an icon of our generation.
She made us want to grow up move to New York and wear vintage fashion.
She taught us the power of female friendships.
She is also a bitch.

Stay with me,
I am not into tearing down women (even if they are fictional) for the sake of it that’s not the point here.
After watching reruns recently I noticed the Carrie who I idolized was unreliable, like the time she sent her boyfriend over to look after Miranda who NEEDED her or when she ditched Charlotte at the opera just because she saw Big.
She shames Charlotte for not wanting to give her a huge amount of money for her apartment as if that is normal.
The way she treats Natasha is so harsh she sleeps with her husband then somehow ends up the victim in the situation and ruins her lunch by showing up unannounced oh and broke her tooth.

The way she acted with Aidan is hard to get on board with he was SO good to her.
I was secretly hoping him and Natasha would shack up and throw their happy sensible relationship in Big and Carries faces.
Oh then after everything is said and done she invites BIG to Aidan’s cabin not cool Carrie!


Or the time she immediately asks her friend Sharon if she can return the present she got her saying I could really use the cash.
I could go on and on but I think I have made my point the more I went on watching the more frustrated I got with her.
How did I ever used to tolerate or even idolize this woman!
I jumped online to see if anyone else felt this way because let’s be honest it’s how we validate our opinions these days.
There were blogs upon blogs sites dedicated to Carrie bashing.

We have also seen a lot of online hate towards Lena Dunham’s character Hannah in Girls with the general opinion being that she is a spoilt entitled brat.

It got me thinking why on earth would the writers create characters we are supposed to like to be so intolerable at times?
Then I had an Oprah AH HA moment ……….
They are not supposed to be perfect they are supposed to be human.
BAM there I said it.
Even though we judge Carrie for her mistakes she makes them anyway.

How many times have you done something you are not proud of?
How many times have you forgiven a friend for doing something you didn’t agree with but love her anyway?
With this new opinion on board I am going to stop judging these fictional character for not reacting how I feel they should in situations.
Wouldn’t it be great if we could do that with women in real life oh wait ….we can.

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