I fall in the latter category, and have recently realised that I spend so much time living in the future, chasing my dreams and trying to better myself that I forget to stop and go, “oh my gosh I’ve achieved so much, let’s enjoy this moment.”

I’ve moved state three times in three years now, something that only comes through hard work and dedication; yet, every time I get to the next place, I’m thinking about the next one and the next one after that. I’m dreaming of how great it will be at the next station, to be on more money with more perks and so on.  I’ve had several people actually say to me “calm down, you’re 22, you’re doing great, don’t wish away your future!”

The same goes for body image. I’m obsessed with health in fitness for multiple reasons (not just because I want to look good) but I spend so much time and energy trying to get into a certain shape that when I finally do have a day or week where I finally feel satisfied with the way I look, I become paranoid that I’m going to put on weight and lose it.

When I take a step back to smell the roses, I actually realise that I’m pretty happy right now. I’m finally at an age where I’ve discovered who I am, so can better deal with life’s obstacles but am young enough to have no real responsibilities holding me back. I have a job I look forward to going to every single day where I have fun and feel purpose… Why would I want to wish that away?


At the end of the day (here we go MOTTO OF LIFE) it’s all about balance. Ambition is a great trait and you’ve got to be working towards something so you feel like you’re going forward, but at the same time, people who fall into the same category as me need to remind themselves to stop and celebrate the things they’ve worked so hard for. Ask yourself ‘Am I happy?’ ‘What’s going to truly make me feel content?’ You may be in a much better position than you let yourself realise.

The last 3 years, which have been mainly spent working so hard to reach that next step, have actually been the best of my entire life. The day I finally achieve that huge dream I’ve worked so hard for will be glorious and extremely rewards, but I’ve come to realise the journey there is just as valuable as the golden prize at the end of the maze.

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