Always wanted to start your own podcast but not sure where to start?  Radio Lover, Announcer and TV Presenter, Stacey June knows a thing or two about starting a podcast and shares her words of advice with TBS. 

What is your podcast?

We (Fellow radio pal, Kristie Mercer) have a couple of products now all going under the Thinkergirl umbrella. Thinkergirl: The Podcast and Thinkergirl: One on One Sessions. I have another in the bank that will start in the middle of the year! We just love us some podcasts.

Why did you decide to start a podcast?

When we wanted to take some control back on what we were broadcasting. And as a hobby between mates, Thinkergirl: The Podcast really did come from a cocktail of love, desperation, friendship and frustration!

How do you go about starting your own podcast?

Luckily working in radio the idea isn’t too overwhelming BUT you record a show, you upload it to a FTP site where it lives, you then pull said file from the FTP home to a site and connect with what is called a RSS feed to iTunes. It is so simple and kinda liberating when you realize people can easily listen but actually DO listen. Who would-a thunk it?

What were some of the obstacles you faced doing so?

Motivation. Any project you do that isn’t paid takes a fair but of passion. But with all the Thinkergirl products we have started they have been directly through ideas and topics that I am passionate about so that part isn’t such a struggle.

How do you go about getting content and guests for your podcast?

Content comes pretty easy to me. It is certainly one of my strengths which is why I probably have so many things on the go. Guests are a bit harder. Podcasting isn’t received or understood as well as the highly respected and trusted forum of radio, so people are hesitant about how it can help them. Having said that, doing something that is different has helped and the idea of Thinkergirl: The Podcast touching on topics that aren’t always covered in main stream media either pulls people in or encourages them to run. FAST. Haha

How do you promote your podcast?

Social Media, cross promotion and word of mouth. Cross promotion works really well with my One on One poddy because mostly, it is up and comers or people that may not be everywhere so they are happy and excited to share. For Kristie and I,  with Thinkergirl: The Podcast we are just the biggest lovers of it so bring it up in passing with us and you won’t shut us up!

How do you keep the podcast going and engaged with your listeners?

We try really, really hard to work with the filter of things we are interested in. It’s a nice change compared to our radio lives where the listener, the localisms and topical content is king. These are all a little more self-indulgent and therefore much more personal which (to our surprise) really connects.

Your biggest advice when it comes to podcasting?

Try and air the episodes consistently and come up with an idea that hasn’t been done. Podcasting is the new thing. Thanks to Serial it is cool to podcast. Enter hipsters, mums, kids and muso’s etc etc. Pretty soon they will be everywhere more than they already are and the only way to stand out is to have a demand for it. The consistent idea stems from the fact that your listeners want it there for when THEY are ready to download it and they want it on time so they can schedule it into their day. We have been abused via private message on facebook because episodes weren’t up in time for our listeners run! HA

Check out a live recording of Thinkergirl: The Podcast at Adelaide Fringe Festival Friday 12th and Saturday 13th of March. Tickets can be purchased here: or for more info or to join the Thinkergirl fun find them on FB here:

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