How do you make doing something you love your own? PR Darling’s Susie Robinson followed her passion for PR and started her own business. PR Darling works with many high end clients and some of Australia’s most exciting events. Susie shares with TBS her advice on starting your own business and how to work well with the media. 

What was your background before you created PR Darling?

I was already working in the PR industry but, like any young person, thought I could do it better on my own…! I come from a long line of small business owners (both parents run their own business, so do my grandparents) so it just seemed completely normal to start my own business.

What is a usual day for Susie Robinson look like?

It’s a caffeine-fuelled hurricane to be honest. Start the day by opening one eye and checking emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram from bed. Once I’m satisfied that I have caught up on everything that has happened on the planet whilst I slept, then I’m up, Diet Coke, office, meetings, EMAILS SO MANY EMAILS and then generally out to a launch event or dinner or drinks each night. Rinse and repeat x 5 days. Normal day lasts anywhere between 10 – 12 hours.

How important is it to be on social media as a PR professional?

Absolutely. CRITICAL. Even if I’m not posting every day, I am reading constantly.

What’s your advice for working with the media?

Be polite. Be professional. Be helpful. Be charismatic. Be happy and easy to work with. Be yourself.

How hard is it to run your own company? Have you ever wanted to throw it all in?

Harder than I would ever let on. That’s part of the challenge. But I absolutely LOVE it. There are certainly times that I think “Cawww wouldn’t it be nice to sit in an office, have everything paid for and get a salary dropped in my account on the 1st of every month.” Then I wake up and think how LUCKY I am to get to work in a business that I love, with people I love and be allowed the freedoms that come with that opportunity. And I get to wear whatever I want.

Who are some women in the media that inspire you?

I tip my hat to ANYONE that can tough it out in the media industry. Like PR, it is an incredibly competitive, cut-throat industry with the next generation constantly nipping at your heels. To stay on top takes great strength, energy and creativity. WELL DONE EVERYONE!

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Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee started her career in the media 10 years ago working for various companies including Working Dog, Southern Cross Austereo and NOVA Entertainment. During this time she has been an Announcer, Promotions Manager, Producer, Music Director and Assistant Content Director. Amanda created The Broad Side as a support network for women in media to discuss and share their obstacles and successes in their industry.