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The Broad Side loves showcasing amazing women doing awesome things. Mother of three, Cass Spies is no exception. Following her passion, Cass started ‘Twisted Yoghurt’ in 2010 and shares with TBS some great advice about starting up your own business and her tips for work/life balance. 

What was your background before you created ‘Twisted Yoghurt?

My formal background is in Food Science and Technology and I worked in the Australian food industry for a few years before travelling overseas for 6 months…. 15 years later I returned to Australia! During my time in London I worked in Investment Banking as a Project Manager rolling out global change programmes. I always knew that I wanted to get back to the food as this was always my passion, but the opportunities that we were being offered in London were just too amazing to pass up!

What is your advice for anyone thinking about starting their own start up business?

My three main tips are :

1. Find something that you are passionate about because you will be living and breathing your business every second of the day…7 days a week …365 days a year! You need to love what you do! Twisted is the first  ‘job’ that I have had where I lose total track of the time because I am so immersed in what we are trying to do.

2. Surround yourself with great people and build an amazing team. Create the company culture that you have always dreamed of…. at Twisted we are all about karma. We treat everybody with respect, and we value each and every customer that walks through our doors or buys a tub on the Supermarket shelf.

3. You also need to be prepared to take the knocks – because there will be many – and be able to pull yourself up and start fighting again with renewed strength and focus. Never lose your focus.

You are a Mum of 3 –  do you have work/life balance and if so what are your 3 tips for successful work/life balance?

Well that is a question that I ask myself everyday! It is something that I am focused on trying to achieve and some weeks I am more successful than others.

I think as a working mother you really make choices that wont feel great every day of the year. But once you make the choice to be a working mother, you need really prioritise what is important in your life. For me, it is to spend time with the kids each day so you need to set down some rules to help you actually make this  work. So for example, I always dedicate 5.30pm until 8.00pm to my kids. We read, we play, we do 1st  class homework..! But I really try to make sure that I don’t miss this part of my day. No calls and no emails. And I don’t commit to many social events during the week that will mean I miss this time. But I am not perfect… and I happen to have an amazing mother who steps in for me whenever I need. She has become a big part of my children’s lives and I know that I am really lucky to have this support system.

Time for yourself is also important and was one of my new year resolutions for 2014! I have gone back to doing yoga at Power Living which I just love. I have found that the 6am class is really the best for me – my head space, my life and my family. I am like a different person once I have done my class!

How do you promote women being leaders in your business?

My management team at the moment is only women actually! And the wonderful thing about my team is that some of my team have been with me since we started the company in 2010 and worked their way from casual team member to Store Manager and also my Operations Manager. I only employ strong, likeminded people who wont settle for anything but excellence  – so I guess the culture of the company attracts my team to me. I have had some great men over the years – but they were the kind on men that were very open to working and promoting from within.

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