Jackie Doran is the creator of Scout It Out  – a brilliant Melbourne based website. She shares with TBS what it’s all about and how they go about inspiring young women. 

I started Scout ( with two friends who were feeling the same despair about the internet that I was. Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet more than I love a pinot grigio on Friday at 5pm (4pm on some days) but I was annoyed at the fact that of all the local female-oriented sites, there wasn’t one that I related to.

I’m not a mum, I’m not renovating, and I’m certainly not about to get married. I wanted more information about how super awesome women got to be that super awesome — what books do they read? Where do they hang out? Did they go to university? When I was younger, I would have loved this sort of information. I was so uncertain of what to study and whether or not a mentor was a good idea — I figured, hey, we might as well help out the same confused young souls out there.

Our most read articles are easily out “what’s it like to be…” articles, which focus on the kind of content I just spoke about. So far we have interviewed a radio producer, a nutritionist, an app designer, a beauty editor and the GM of a local not-for-profit. We are excited to chat to a wide variety of other awesome chicks in the future including Adam Bandt’s media advisor and a cross-fit instructor.

Further to that, I definitely identify as a feminist, but it absolutely depresses me that the vast majority of my friends do not. At some point it became a filthy word and turned from being pro-equality to man-hating, and damn it, I LOVE MEN! But that certainly doesn’t mean they deserve to get paid more than I do for the exact same gig. So on Scout, we try to encourage young women to take control of their life, identify the inequalities they might be facing, and do something about it.

Having said all that — it’s not all serious business! We love to review fun new bars/restaurants/cafes to try around Melbourne as well as books and films. We also look at new styles in beauty and fashion.

Ultimately we like to think we inspire young women to live a more exciting, sexy and confident life.

We’re on Facebook ( so please chuck us a like and have a read of any article that tickles your fancy and thanks so much for reading about us!

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Amanda Lee

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