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TBS is proud to be supporting a brilliant concept from two very talented ladies Stacey June & Kristie Mercer – The Thinkergirls. 

Thinkergirl is a project Kristie Mercer and I have joined forces on – chatting “thoughts you’re thinking but not saying”. Stemming from a weekly podcast show (listen HERE)  – originally with fellow radio bestie Dani Pola – we began the podcast to dump our co-hosts once a week to chew the fat about topics we couldn’t cover on our shows. So far the likes of olympic gold medalist Lauren Jackson, popstar Bonnie Anderson, 92.9 Breaky Host/Big Brother’s Heidi Anderson and Sexologist turned Radio Announcer Nikki Goldstein have all come to play each spilling the beans on what’s on their mind.  The show quickly and unexpectedly grew legs and now after a year, several weeks on new and noteworthy, a spot in the Global Top 100 podcast shows and many other cool accolades, we have a huge listenership – a girls group if you will – with view to make some mullah from it when we figure out how! It’s an exciting time for two regional radio chicks.

Thinkergirl started when I left a radio station in Melbourne. Sam Thompson (my GM at the time) thanked me for my time at DMG and said we wish you all the best with ‘Thinkergirl’. I had no idea what that meant. I just needed to look like I had a plan.  All the different ideas and projects I tried that didn’t stick had the same filters –  honest, fun, friendship, irreverent conversation, thoughts you were thinking but not saying among women. It was the art of conversation that brought these themes to life and it wasn’t until three chicks, all going through a similar regional radio journey, got together to do a weekly podcast that Thinkergirl really blossomed. She grew boobies!

The brand has grown in a duo team called The Thinkergirls which consists of Kristie and I. We are working our butt off on other Radio and TV ideas, just had our first run of live shows at Melbourne Fringe Festival (which we sold out – watch the full show here!) we have launched an online YouTube channel with a series of comedy sketches & live show content and of course, our baby – the weekly podcast. We also have a One on One session podcast, which I do sporadically, touching on more serious content – asking people questions that I have questions for. Pretty simple.  And there are hopefully many more projects to come. We have a good idea of what we want and we will continue to work hard until we get it!

Essentially, we want to be allowed to laugh about saying the word vagina on our podcast as well as work on more generic radio fun at the same time. The aim is to have a range of projects to prove that two girls can talk girl talk but make boys laugh too. WITHOUT down playing our femininity.



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