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Sydney Based PR Guru Roxy Jacenko is no stranger to the media industry – she is a businesswoman, author, socialite and appeared on the 3rd season of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice Australia.’ TBS spoke to Roxy about the many challenges of starting a new business so young and of the notion of ‘having it all.’ 

What where some of the challenges you faced staring your own business at such a young age? Do you think you would have encountered the same problems if you were 10 years older?

Starting a business at 24 and as a girl was a huge challenge, not to me but to those around me, many jumped at the opportunity to work with someone young and hungry with a desire to succeed however there were many who stated point blank that I was far too young and inexperienced.

There is no question that if I was 10 years older I would have had less of this but at the same time I would say that then there would have been something else to question! That’s just human nature. The most important thing for me was to keep my focus, not sweat the small stuff, not be bothered by peoples assumptions of whether I could or couldn’t do what my competition was doing and just go for it!

How did you ensure that people took you seriously, and didn’t judge your abilities based on your age and lack of experience?

I didn’t worry too much about that – as I say, you can spend your life worrying, thinking, questioning or you can get out there and just do it – by doing it and succeeding judgement subsided very quickly. I went out there and I sold myself as a hungry and proactive PR girl who wanted nothing more than to see her brands and clients prosper and with that would do anything it would take, around the clock to make it happen which I did and still do!

Did you ever feel like you ‘missed out’ on part of your youth by being so focussed on your career?

Not for a moment. With hard work comes rewards – if I didn’t work hard I wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience different things so I don’t think I have forgone anything to have a career, more so made a better life for myself and now my family which we can enjoy together.

You seem like you ‘have it all.’ Successful career, loving partner, a great group of friends, and gorgeous Pixie and Hunter your children – how do you balance this whilst having such a hectic work schedule? What does a usual day look like for you?

I am very fortunate and it doesn’t come without hard work, running a business is one thing, but believe me, having a family and managing that is another – its certainly a juggling act but so rewarding at the same time. To have a husband who has your back 500% is wonderful – not only does he too have large responsibility with his job in Investment Banking he is a huge help to me to ensure that I too have the opportunity to keep growing my business.  Our days are out the door at 7.30am and back in at 7.30pm so its go go go but you just do it!

What we love about you is that you’re a powerful female but sometimes (we saw it a bit on Celebrity Apprentice) people see that as a threatening personality type. Do you care? What’s more important, standing firm with what you believe in live or making friends?

Look I don’t know that I am powerful, I would say more so passionate – all I want for me, my business and my team is to see success – sure, you make enemies along the way, but that’s the nature of the beast – it blows my mind that in this day and age people seem to at times be threatened by those that has a desire to over deliver and succeed – in my eyes – kudos to those types – it’s a tough business out there so unless you are willing to push the boundaries its going to be tough – I don’t want that for me or any of my team.

**Roxy’s latest novel ‘The Spotlight’ is out in November.

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