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If you’re lucky enough to meet Maz Compton, you will immediately be drawn to her positivity, her passion for life and the media, and what an awesome chick she is. As one half of The Dan and Maz Show (the better looking half)… she chats to TBS about on air chemistry, finding inspiration and bringing your A Game every day to your daily work. 

Can you please give us a quick snapshot of your career…

It’s been a wild ride. I started at Nova 969 doing work experience on the weekends, it wasn’t long before I found myself on the street team (as opposed to on the streets) and part time with the breakfast show. Then I became the full time Assistant Producer on the Breakfast Show. In 2004 I auditioned for and secured a great gig as a VJ on MTV so I left Nova and was on the tele for five years. During that time I co-hosted the Hot 30 with Lowie. In 2010 I was offered the Sydney nights show with my friend Kerley on Nova. In 2011 I was mashed up with Dan and Matt (known as the Action Battle Team) we did National late nights and lots of survey break fill in spots. Then I moved to Adelaide and did two years on breakfast. Then I signed to SCA and moved back to Sydney to take up the newly created time slot of Late Drive nationally from 6-8pm and now Dan I are doing the big gig, the National Drive Show. And just announced… we are going to be the new Breakfast Show at 2DAYFM in Sydney in 2015.

Often in our roles, we experience content blocks – how do you go finding inspiration for content?

I see content around every corner in my life. My life is forever full of mishaps and mayhem and that makes for great content. I think I actually have a content alert button in-built in my brain, something in everyday life will happen and I will write it down. I read the news everyday and check buzzfeed and facebook newsfeeds are good places to find things that are hot right now to talk about on the show. And this will sound a bit weird but I read the Sunday paper every Sunday, I find things stand out to me in different formats and I like ripping articles out of the actual paper or drawing on random pictures. Haha!

You’ve done radio in smaller cities like Adelaide where everyone knows your business – how did you go keeping your personal life personal especially being a single lass dating?

I kinda of loved the attention. I wasn’t dating anyone in Adelaide (that anybody found out about) so I guess I did a good job and not answering specific questions! If you are in this for the fame, then a small market is perfect, being a big fish in a small pond means that the spotlight is on you. However, that’s never been in my sights, so I never really paid any attention to the attention. I just love doing my job whether it be on TV or Radio, so of course there will be some sort of public profile attached to that. I would rather use that spotlight for good, to encourage people and love others, than be self indulgent.

We can’t always be bubbly and happy; how do you overcome life’s obstacles to bring your A game to every show?

I treat it like a therapy session – when I am on air, I get to forget about normal things and go on a magical ride with everyone that is listening. That is a gift a lot of people would probably benefit from. Also in general, I am pretty stoked on life and even in the face of a massive personal crisis a few years ago, I didn’t miss a show, because the show must go on!

What do you think is the key to having a great relationship with your co-host?

Great question, I think Dan and I are a freak of nature. We are so completely different and over the last four years that has proven to be greatly challenging however, our passion for what we do and our vision of what’s to come has always been the driver in getting us to a point where we don’t back down just to move on but we agree to disagree and respectfully do whats best for the show. You could not get two more different humans on one show, so it always has it’s benefits, we find each other fascinating rather than frustrating and those moments, they far outweigh the off days. I like that Dan is not your typical bloke and I have to reign him in, if anything I am more likely to get us taken off air and being able play within that unique role definition and special friendship within our show is super fun and very rare.

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Amanda Lee

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