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TBS Contributor and HOT FM Presenter EJ Palmer chats to the Host of the Hot Hits, Maude Garrett, about living/working in LA, working alongside ‘big personalities’ and how to deal with ‘writer’s block.’ 

What’s it like living/working in L.A – are you living the dream?

I almost feel bad answering this question…. I’d love to be modest and play it down but if truth be told, I really am living the dream. I’ve been asked so many times over here “What would be your dream gig” and I reply “I’m doing it”. I interview celebrities like Tina Fey, Keanu Reeves, Chris Evans and Scarlett Johannsen, it’s incredible! Best part about it, is that they HAVE to talk to me. It’s their job! So by our powers combine, it’s a pretty cool conversation to be a part of. Plus doing the show from LA but traveling around the world to get content is insanely awesome. I’ve been to more places in 1 year than I had my whole life 7x combined.

You’re successful in radio, television & print…but do you have a favourite (and why)?

Each offers something very different that the other cannot. Radio means very few scripted dialogue and very open and opinionated conversations. Also, I can schlep it since no one sees me doing the show! TV means that every part of you in ON when that red light goes on. I feed off that adrenaline. Print can mean deadlines, but it also means I don’t have to leave my bed. Which is a bonus in anyone’s eyes.

Do you ever get ‘writer’s block’ when you’re brainstorming ideas? How do you deal with it?

Absolutely. I used to host a show where we had to think of unique content 5 nights a week! It could get very gruelling. The best advice is to share ideas and understand that any idea is malleable. Don’t have a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude, but be open to growing and exploring ideas together as a team. If it’s just you – bounce ideas to a friend. It’s incredible how much insight you gain just by saying things out loud.

There are so many big personalities in the industry, what are your tips for those working alongside challenging people?

SAVE YOUR SOUL! Hahah kidding, I’ve never experienced this. I know that sounds ridiculous, I’ve had so many co-hosts on both TV and Radio, but each one I’ve had has been like a brother, or better still, become my best friend. I get incredibly intimidated when going to events or meeting colleagues that are much higher on the food chain. But you just have to remember that you’re standing in the same room as them for a reason. You’re just as deserving, and they too are human and must wipe their ass. Enjoy that visual. I’m a scruncher.

What’s your advice for anyone in the industry wanting to follow in your footsteps?

The internet has made it so very easy to broadcast who you are. If you are really driven and passionate, start a blog or website! Consistency pays off. If someone sees that you’ve written/recorded something every single week for a long time, it shows you’re hard-working and dedicated. Talent can only go so far. It’s great to have, but won’t mean longevity.

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