Q&A: JANINE ALLIS – Founder & Director of Boost Juice


We all know of Boost Juice Bars… well meet the Founder & Director of Boost Juice, Janine Allis who has some fabulous advice for TBS about how perseverance and hard work pays off. 

What was your work background before you had the idea of launching Boost Juice?

Quite diverse, breaks down from 1. Pre-Travel which was working three jobs to pay for my travel, 2. Travelling; which was nanny and stewardess on David Bowie’s boat. When I came back I worked as a cinema manager for Village Roadshow here and in Singapore as well as in PR with United international Pictures.

How did you have the confidence to take your concept of ‘Boost Juice’ and run with it? Did you have days you just thought it was all too hard?

I did not have enough business experience to know how hard it would be or how much work, time and passion was involved. There was every emotion you could possible think of, along the journey, fear, joy, despair, elation, anger, etc.

The Boost Brand is still and will probably always be the leader in its market, is this what you dreamed it would be all those years ago when you first launched the it years ago?

I love that Boost is an Aussie icon. I still to this day get enormous joy out of seeing someone with a boost cup in their hand. There is also the pressure of continuing the ensure that brand stays in that position. If you are not going forward you are going backward, so we are conscious to always improve.

What is your leadership style?

I would say that I am firm but fair. My expectations are high, but I would expect that the expectation of others on me would also be high. I simply believe people should do what they say and commit to and I want everyone to be accountable for what they do, say and act.

How do you promote females in your company to put their hands up for those more executive role in your company?

I honestly do not think male and female. It is always the best person for the job at all times. I see people as people I work with not males or females.

You work very closely with your husband on the business – is this something that gets hard sometimes? How do separate business with relationship?

There are massive positives and negatives to working with your spouse. The positives are the you are on the same path and journey which I believe helps the relationship. The negatives is that you can butt heads. Jeff and I have learnt very early to keep to our own areas of expertise and try not to cross over, as we both think we are right.

What advice would you give to people with an idea that they have even if the market is full with similar ideas?

Find your point of difference. Do not be better, be different. Hard work and constantly monitoring your business and keep speaking with your customers, and you will find the answer.

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