Q&A: ELLIE ANGEL-MOBBS – 2DAYFM Workday Announcer


Ellie Angel-Mobbs is one of Australia’s best female on air announcers – she shares with TBS her radio journey and what she does daily to be one of the best. 

Quick snapshot of your radio career?

Canberra girl who fell in love with radio when I was 15. Loved the idea of playing music, talking and getting paid for it! I started doing volunteer stuff at Canberra FM when I was 16. Straight out of year 12 in 2004 I moved to Melbourne and did Swinburne’s Radio Course. 2005 I landed my first fulltime gig at 2XL/Snow FM in the Snowy Mountains doing afternoons then breakfast announcer & music director. In November 2007 I got a call from Craig Bruce and accepted mornings gig at 92.9 Perth! Off to the west I went for 2 years, then in February 2009 the current Content Director at the time Derek Bargwanna (DB) said you are coming back over east! 5 years later still at 2DAYFM on air 9am – 3pm Monday to Friday!

What do you think you did to get that big break into the Today Network to lead you to where you are now?

I remember I sent an air check to Higgo from FoxFM via My Space!!! He then passed it onto Craig Bruce and within the space of 30 minutes I got a call from The Bru offering me a job in Perth. My air check was me doing a solo music show being a cheeky 20 year old that didn’t hold back. One break I said that “Robbie Williams makes me ovulate every time I hear his voice”! Craig loved this. December 2007 I moved over and I still remember my first couple of days at 92.9. I doubted that I was actually good enough to be working at such a big station, I had lonely sleepless nights in tears thinking “s*it I should not be here, I wanna go home, I’m gonna quit”. However, I stuck at it. I worked long hours and was like a sponge around the programming team. I set myself a goal with DB – that I wanna work at 2DayFM and he helped me pave my way to Sydney.

Being an Announcer, you get air checked a lot I would imagine so how do you deal with negative feedback?

I played state hockey from age 8 through to 16 (my first dream job was to be a Hockeyroo!) I learnt that whether it be negative or positive, when my coach gave me feedback it was to help me grow and get better at my game. I take this mindset into an air check, you can’t improve without feedback. It’s like a training session minus the burpees and pushups!

How do you prep for your shift to make it the best you can?

I start my prep when I first wake up at 6am. I get onto social media and news sites and see how I can reflect what everyone’s talking about on my show. I get into work around 8am and get into the studio. I’m on-air for 6 hours each day so there’s alotta stuff to be done such as getting amazing callers/artist grabs! The beauty of radio is that it’s an immediate media, so it I need to change something because of a leaked song or breaking news then I can do it ASAP. I love a good break where I fly by the seat of my pants!

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

Being the number 1 FM Workday Announcer for 4 and half years in Sydney is pretty sweet achievement! I’ve been a finalist a few times at the ACRA’s. Loved winning the Next Top Jock competition, and I won a National Austereo Award in 2007. That trophy sits on my desk with pride. I sometimes doubt that I’m actually doing a good job, so it’s nice to write down this list and realise shit I’m doing alright. Mum and Dad would be proud!

Do you think having a second skill/role is imperative these days as an announcer?

Get your head around social media! My second role is Social Manager at 2DAY so I’m constantly on Twitter and Facebook and bringing their language into my on-air work. E.g. “Rihanna looks bangingly hot in her latest instagram pic. I’d turn for her”. Know the city you are talking to. Radio is the only media that can really concentrate on localism! If you’re new to a town drive around and get to know the city you are talking to.

What’s next for Ellie? Where would you like to be in 5 years time?

I LOVE my job right now. I get to do a solo show for 6 hours in the biggest metro market in the country. I want to help bring 2DAYFM back into the game here. I once told my old GM that they’ll have to drag me outta this building kicking and screaming when I go!

Who are you excited about coming up the ranks?

My two mentees are my favs. Lindsay Ellis from B105 and Sarah Miller from 104.7 Canberra. Both girls have a unique style. They aren’t fake and I have a soft spot for both of them because they’ve done time in my home town! I think it’s really hard for female solo jocks with all of the cocky men out there! It’s also hard because girls starting out sound like they’re putting on a radio voice and they think they have to be someone you’re not. Be yourself!

Who has been your mentor along the way? Or inspiration? Who have you bounced ideas off?

I started in Canberra as a volunteer at Canberra FM where I was a community switchboard gal. I was sitting away doing my job and this guy walked in and said “My name is Dave Gosper and I’m gonna make you a star in radio”. He took me under his wing showing me how to panel, do breaks, write copy, EVERYTHING! I’d call him up for advice all the time. He was like a second father to me. Unfortunately he lost a short battle to brain cancer 6 months ago. My husband Jamie just so happens to be the best CHR announcer to exist, so I pick his mind all the time for ideas. You should hear us when we have a wine or two, we come up with the best radio content.

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