Im not making a new years resolution. Im making a birthday resolution.

Last year for the first time ever I completed every single goal I set myself for the new year and before you say woah slow down over achiever, I realised they key to doing this was to bring the bar down like WAY down.

So instead of trying to lose 10 kilos and climb mount everest I set myself small more realistic goals like drink more water through to small work achievements to keep my career on track.

So when I got to the end of the year and I was standing in times square with confetti raining down on me as I rung in the new year (which was also on the list) I felt bloody elated, given the surroundings it was hard not to but what followed was a weird feeling.

I kept going to write “the list” for this year and I just couldn’t and it wasn’t because I have done everything I have wanted it was just I felt really cliche about the whole thing. I also think I psyched myself out and felt I needed to raise the bar higher than last years wash my eye make up off more. Months went by and I had no idea where to start plus we all know the second you confide in someone that you have set a new years resolution they feel the need to tell you about all their failed ones.

So I didn’t and now I am exactly one year away from 30 and I am freaked out! What is it about milestone birthdays that make you question your whole life purpose? Oh thats right they serve as a time marker!
So I thought it was time to go off script and use my birthday to bookmark achievements I set myself, it makes sense and it feels so much more personalised. Birthdays are all about celebrating YOUR life on this planet and we all have different paths and journeys so a one size fits all timeline to achieve your goals just doesn’t seem right to me!

At some point we have all experienced the birthday blues you know where you feel like your life isn’t where it should be. I think using your birthday to set new goals and celebrate what you have achieved in the last year of your life is the perfect time to try to counteract this why not set yourself small achievable goals so that every year you really can celebrate YOUR life and where you are!

Now lets be kind here and not set ourselves up for failure going to NASA maybe impressive on paper but giving yourself a year and no previous astronaut experience is a sure fire way to be sitting in the shower a year from now wailing that your life has amounted to nothing.

Im talking taking that small course in french or finally driving the great ocean road so that when people are all doing the awkward birthday song in your office kitchen you feel like you really can have your cake and eat it to because lets be honest there is no greater incentive in life than a good coles mud cake.

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