Emotional eating is never a good thing.
Yet why do I forget it every single time the thought process to do it comes around??!!

If you follow me on my socials you would know I’m an avid health freak. It’s not just about looking good, my eating/exercise habits impact the entire way I behave and feel. I have so much more energy and feel like I can take on the world after a good work out. I’ve just started CrossFit and a couple of times on the way home this week I’ve literally been fist pumping with the music up so loud just feeling like ‘YEAH!! Not even these freezing Canberra winters are going to stop me making the world my oyster!’ Yet when I’m having a low, it’s beneath me why I think it’s a good idea every time to go on a sugar binge as a means to make myself feel better.

My go to ‘sugar-me up’ weapon of choice is lollies, lately liquorice allsorts. Ice cream, pizza, cake, whatever it is, they all have the same outcome. Enjoyable for about the 15 minutes while you’re doing it and met by a massive sugar low, food coma and incredible guilt afterwards. I’m not saying don’t ever indulge, I am saying eating larger than ‘little treat’ amounts as an aim to turn your mood around never works!! That is the reason we do it right? Because we want to feel good and happy. Well #fail that!

I think the trick is to work out what the problem is. If you’re starving and terribly tired then food’s probably going to help a lot (you could definitely justify a treat), but, if it’s something else, food (particularly bad food) is just going to make you feel worse. I keep hearing people use the phrase ‘sugar is as addictive as heroine’ and ‘our brains react the same way.’ Well, I’ve never done heroine, but I can say I get a massive low after the ‘high’ wares off and then seem to get more sugar cravings than I normally would the next day. It’s like our body needs to be weaned off or something. This stuff clearly isn’t good for us!!

 So, reminder, to myself and anyone else, next time you’re feeling down, a quick dash to the closest convenience store isn’t the answer. Call a friend, ask for a hug or take the time to make a slightly naughty home cooked meal. Even chuck on your fav playlist really loud and just chill sitting on the floor tiles of your shower (I reverted to this after my sugar devouring and it was quite uplifting, felt way better afterwards.) Try to see into the future and beyond that irrational craving. At the end of the day, it’s not the end of the world when you do ’emotionally eat,’ (it will be gone after tomorrow’s run) but, in my experience, it’s not going to give you the feeling and outcome you desire.

Beth xxx

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