To our little hub.

Before I introduce you, you may have already been familiar with this space and noticed some amazing interviews on the site from  women like Ita Buttrose, Roxy Jacenko  and other inspirational women in the media.

That’s all thanks to Amanda Lee who has kindly handed this space over to me and also offered to help me with running it.

Her vision was place for women who work in the media to inspire and help each other which I love!

Amanda’s career is now going amazingly so it was a hard project for her to maintain.

So she has handed over the keys so we girls can use the site for pretty much the same purpose, only this time we will be putting out content to anyone who wants to read it and hopefully that is you!

We will attempt to make you laugh our girls Tanya Hennessy, Tullia Connor   and Heidi Anderson  will definitely be able to help with that and make to you think Courtenay Davies , Illaria Brophy and Rosie Panetta  are definitely up for that job, about life as a twenty-something and thirty-something girl.

As well as other awesome guest contributors.

No mummy bloggers here.

The contributors on this site are already putting out kick ass content on to the internet

So I thought why not bring all these gems together to create this fun space.

We are all used to sharing our opinions over the air waves on radio and don’t shy away from a good discussion but sometimes we have to wrap it up on air.

So that’s when our ideas, and thoughts spill out onto this page.

We hope you will enjoy us sharing even more of our lives with you and hope you can relate and take something away from this space.

So now lets meet the girls!



 Hot FM Cairns.

She doesn’t shy away from big words or big topics and loves the finer things in life.



Star FM Coffs Harbour.

I’m Tulles, a big goof that thinks everybody should experience a little bit of time inside my bubble! It can be very enlightening. I’m a Gemini through and through so most people can relate to at least one of my personalities!



 Hit 104.7  Canberra.

 She isn’t afraid to share all aspects of her life and we love to laugh along with her.

The internet cannot get enough of her with her videos racking up hit after hit as soon as she uploads them!

More please!



 Hit 104.7  Canberra.

Courtenay is a proud feminist and explores this topic in her web series Feminists Anonymous and isn’t afraid to tackle topics like body image!



 Hit 92.2 in Perth.

Heidi puts it all out there even trying nude yoga she has an awesome have a go attitude and lucky for us she documents it all in writing and on her Youtube channel!



 Hit 100.7 in Hobart.

Rosie has a hilarious Italian family who she loves to use as inspiration for her blog postings and also isn’t afraid to get into women’s issues like the pay gap!


       Hit 104.7 Canberra.
Hey I’m Beth, talker on Canberra airwaves from 12-4pm each day. I’m the bubbly ditzy Gen Y girl who refuses to take herself seriously, because hey life’s way too short, and I do wayyyy too many embarrassing things!!! Recent ‘incidents’ include, getting inside a random’s car after mistaking it for an Uber, putting a wall hook on upside-down, burning my butt with a hair straightener by accidentally sitting on it, and getting ‘stuck’ on the bench press at the gym because I was a little too ambitious about how much I could actually lift.
I’m also a bit of a socialite and fitness fanatic. I love constantly being around people and dressing up for all the big events; I live a clean- eating lifestyle (yes, I’m an almond milk drinker) and exercise basically every day because it gives me amazing endorphins and even more energy to achieve all my goals.
Like any product of Gen Y I‘m a big social user… So,
Follow me on insty @bethanygracelarsen
Add me on Snapchat: bethanyglarsen
Follow me on Twitter @LarsenBethany
And like my FB page: Bethany Larsen



Star FM Griffith.

I am a little too obsessed with my two rescue dogs …….don’t be surprised if you get a written invite to their birthday party!  I’m excited for this space and am a massive fan of everything the girls are putting out so I came up with the idea to have just one space where we can all share our lives and adventures I hope you all enjoy!

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