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You’ve quit your breakfast radio gig… now what? You start your own business, that’s what! TBS chats to the gorgeous Candy Hertz about her new project ‘On The List’ which showcases the best of Melbourne! 


You left your regional radio job as a breakfast presenter to pursue other ventures… why did you make that choice? Are there times you regret your decision?

It’s been smack bang one year since I left my radio job and looking back I can’t believe what a year it’s been. I started my own business On The List Melbourne, I got the gig as Essendon’s On-Ground Match Day Host, I worked as a Traffic Reporter in the Channel 7 and 9 chopper, I work as the Marketing and Communications manager for TEDxMelbourne.

I had a drama teacher at school that taught me not to believe in regret, he said you make decisions based on the information you have at the time. If you had information about the future you would own a time machine. Sadly I don’t own one. I truly don’t regret the decision at all, I love what I’m doing but I won’t deny I’m missing radio so I can’t wait to get it back in the mix.

Tell us about ‘On the List’ and how the idea came about?

I spent nearly 4 years living away from Melbs while I pursued my radio career – so when I returned I was totally out of the loop. I had no clue where to go or what to do. So, I did pretty dorky things like Google “coolest bar in Melbourne” and “seriously fun thing to do this weekend” and I came up with a bunch of confusing sites that not only were difficult to navigate but bombarded me with so many suggestions that I was too overwhelmed to choose anything to do.

So, I stumbled across a gap in the market place and thought I’d try and fill it.

And truthfully, it didn’t start as a business idea, it started as an opportunity to create content that I loved, but along the way it gained momentum and support and is now turning into a business. How grown up!

What were some of the obstacles you’ve experienced starting ‘On the List?’

Oh man, starting a business is like doing Tough Mudder – it’s epically challenging, quite murky and sometimes you get zapped along the way. BUT equally, it’s rewarding, more challenging than you could ever imagine and you really have a chance to test yourself.

I’m lucky enough to have a huge mixed bag of experiences and education to draw on. I studied and worked in Marketing and Advertising, I’ve done loads of content management and digital work and I love and know the presenting/producing side of things. So, while it’s exhausting, I can take care of most of the On The List elements. And for the things I can’t do, I’m constantly hunting for my dream team to join me – want in?

What has been some of your favourite content?

While I am a stickler for doing silly/fun things on camera (hangover from my radio stunt days) my favourite content comes from great talent. Having the chance to interview someone fun and engaging means my job is 50% done.  I do really love the weeks when together we get to ‘do something’ for instance we interviewed the face of the Grand Prix this year Elyse Knowles and together we were allowed on the track to film our chat. Another week I was invited behind the scenes of Cirque du Soleil – it’s so cool having access to these exciting places and then being able to share it with everyone.

What’s next for ‘On the List?’

It’s been the most unpredictable ride so far, so it’s pretty hard to know what’s going to happen next but I have a huge vision for where I want On The List to go.

I want to inspire Melbourne to live their lives, get out and see this amazing city and do something out of the ordinary every weekend. I spend a lot of time dreaming up big ideas of running our own On The List events, doing walking tours, making city guides and more…but still being such a new business I need to focus on creating reliable and engaging weekly videos. For now.

What’s your advice for anyone else thinking of leaving their current media job to pursue other passions?

You really need to go in with your biggest courage pants on, it’s an incredibly challenging journey so you need to be completely honest with yourself along the way.

On the tough days I think it’s important to remember why you chose this path and not another one. Whatever box you wanted it to tick, be it financial, the freedom and flexibility of your schedule or genuine pursuit of a dream – have it written in bold in your mind and let that drive you.

I’m also very lucky to have an incredibly successful entrepreneurial mate who just said, stop thinking and just do it! (I think he stole that line from somewhere). Essentially he encourages me at each sticking point to stop planning, thinking and talking about doing something – to just get into it. Best advise.

And having a cheer squad a long the way is so important, just a handful of people who give you regular high-5’s makes the world of difference.


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